Is it possible to have a kidney transplant after EPS?

It will not usually be possible to remain on the kidney transplant waiting list if you have EPS because you will not be well enough for the surgery. However, many patients will be able to go back onto the transplant list once they have recovered from the surgery and go on to have a successful transplant.

Can the EPS come back?

Although most patients will be cured by the first operation 1 in 5 patients will get recurrence at least once. This usually happens three to six months after the first operation. If this does happen you will need a second operation like the first to remove the membrane. Occasionally a third or fourth operation may be required for more recurrences, but eventually you will be free of the condition and eating normally.

Is it possible to have peritoneal dialysis again after EPS?

No. The condition usually occurs in patients in whom the peritoneum is no longer working properly for peritoneal dialysis. Once EPS has occurred, it will not be possible to have PD again.