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The lung function unit conducts tests designed to determine how well the lungs are working.

Lung Function Unit
Post box: 40
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Hills Road

Enquiries: 01223 217065

Clinic open 08:30-16:30

The unit provides a wide range of diagnostic tests to both outpatients and inpatients referred to the service.

The tests are carried by a team of physiologists supported by the department administrator. The main tests include assessment of the size of the lungs, how efficiently they exchange gases such as oxygen and how fast they can blow the air out.

More advanced tests are also conducted including:

Allergy testing, hypoxic challenge testing, pulmonary shunt, respiratory muscle assessment, bronchial provocation, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, overnight oximetry and reversibility studies.

More details: Lung function tests

Finding the Lung Function Unit:

The entrance to the Unit is via Clinic 2a

From the Outpatients entrance: go through the Outpatients reception area. Turn right onto the main corridor leading to the hospital concourse. Clinic 2a is found on the left hand side of the corridor and is reached through the x-ray department.

Map showing clinic 2a