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Lung function unit

Respiratory Medicine (Lungs)

Urgent advice: Covid-19 - Respiratory

Individuals with chronic lung conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis and asthma are more at risk of the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19).

To help reduce risk: 

  • All non-urgent lung function testing has been cancelled
  • All non-urgent face to face clinic appointments will take place via telephone 

Please keep your clinic appointment time free, and you will be called by one of the clinical team within a three hour window of your original appointment time.  

You should follow current government advice on self-isolation. If you become unwell with a cough and/or fever, we advise that you follow your standard plan for exacerbation (infection) management including:

  • Continuing your standard medicines 
  • If applicable, follow the advice from your previously discussed management plan. This may include commencing antibiotics, nebulisers or steroids. If you fail to improve, please seek medical attention.
  • If you usually have a standby course of medications, ensure you have these available.

The respiratory team cannot arrange testing for COVID-19, which is undertaken as per national directives.

For some patients e.g. those with severe asthma receiving biological therapy, the specialist team will inform you on the transition to “home care.”

We thank you for your patience during this time; we will update you all when new information is available.

The lung function unit undertakes a number of physiological assessments to aid with the diagnosis of respiratory abnormalities, to monitor responses to interventions such as medicines or chemotherapy or to assess the risk to undergo certain procedures such as surgery or bone marrow transplants.

The unit provides a wide range of diagnostic tests to both outpatients and inpatients referred to the service. The main tests include assessment of the size of the lungs, how efficiently they exchange gases such as oxygen and how fast they can blow the air out.

More advanced tests are also conducted.

Finding us

The entrance to the unit is via Clinic 2a. From the outpatients entrance: go through the outpatients reception area, turn right onto the main corridor leading to the hospital concourse. Clinic 2a is found on the left hand side of the corridor and is reached through the x-ray department.