Refractory headache service

This is an outpatient referral service for patients with intractable head and facial pain disorders who have been seen by neurologists elsewhere in the region and require more intensive input.
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Dr Jane Anderson

Consultant Neurologist
Dr Jane Anderson

The range of pain disorders includes cluster headache, paroxysmal hemicrania, SUNCT, hemicrania continua, chronic migraine, new persistent daily headache, medication overuse headache and facial pain.

Clinics include assessment and management, with access to nerve blocks, and cranial botulinium toxin for chronic migraine. Patients additionally benefit from the close links with the pain specialist and liaison psychiatry teams.

For health professionals

This service only accepts referrals from other hospitals so if you would like to refer to a headache specialist please first refer to ‘adult neurology’ and they will refer on if it is necessary.