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Medicine for the elderly - G6

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Specialising in dementia and delirium care.

About us

G6 has 27 beds and is one of five wards caring specifically for older patients at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. We care for people with a wide variety of medical conditions who require admission to an acute hospital.

The ward environment has been specially developed to provide supportive care, including for those with dementia and delirium.

The ward team is committed to ensuring an environment that enables us to provide tailored care for every patient and their family. We firmly believe that all patients are treated with dignity and respect. We ensure that patient, relative / carer and professionals work together to minimise the distress of hospitalisation and facilitate timely and safe discharge.

G6 bay nurse during the hours of 07.45 – 19:15 this means we have a minimum of one staff member in each bay at all times. We have five nurses and four health care assistants during the day (07:15 – 19:45) and we have three nurses and three health care assistants at night (19:15 – 07:45). Our handover times are 07:15-07:45 and again at 19:15-19:45.

The ward has a day room, which is used daily for patient activities. Please feel free to ask staff about the activities we do on the ward or look at the activities board located in the day room and in the main corridor. Please come along to the activities you and your relative / carer are more than welcome. If there is not an activity that you like, we have a large range of activities that we can offer such as, puzzles, games, books, knitting, art, please ask, we would be happy to help.

By each bed there is a bedside telephone and television unit, please register this as you will receive free television certain times during the day and you will also have an option to call friends and family for free. Cards for further usage can be purchased in the concourse, the registration of your bedside unit can be useful so your friends and family can contact you directly as the ward does not have a portable phone.

Toilets on the ward are for patient use only - visitors’ toilets are located just outside the ward, adjacent to the lifts.

On admission, G6 use a tool that helps staff get to know you as a person, the tool is called ‘What is important to me’. It’s a notice board that will go above your bedside, if you are happy for this. It will include things you would like the staff to know, for example, what you did for a job, how you like your hot drink to be etc.

It would be very useful if you could fill this in or with the help of your relative / friend, we have volunteers who would be happy to assist as well as the staff.

CUH Directions mobile app

The CUH Directions mobile app is for patients and visitors.

It helps you to find your way around Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie hospitals, making it easier to locate clinics, wards and other facilities on our campus.

CUH Directions – mobile app

Carers passport

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) recognises the essential role played by carers. We aim to recognise carers as full partners in the way we deliver care, and provide support and advice to all carers whether they are a patient, visitor or member of staff.

Please speak to the senior sister or the nurse in charge if you would like to get more information.

G6 is managed by the senior sister, Sudha Jayan.

There is also 1 charge nurse, Raj Boodoo and two junior sisters, Pamela Gonzales and Anisha Varghese who assist Sudha in the running of the ward.

Staff uniform colours

Staff uniform colours:

  • Senior sister: Navy blue uniform.
  • Charge nurse / junior sisters: Royal blue uniform
  • Staff nurse: light blue uniform or white tunic with light blue epaulette.
  • Health care assistance: grey striped uniform or white tunic with either a grey or yellow epaulette.
  • House keeper: Grey shirt and black trousers.
  • Domestic: turquoise top and black trousers.
  • Matron: Navy blue uniform with light green piping.

A member of the ward-based medical team will assess patients daily and are also available to meet with relatives (please understand that they may be busy with their clinical duties and therefore may not be able to see you without prior warning).

Normal working hours for the ward medical team are Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 18:30; outside of these hours there is an on-call medical team which is unlikely to include one of the G6 doctors, and who may not be readily available to meet with relatives if they are busy with an emergency.

  • Visiting times are 11:00 - 20:00 every day (two visitors per patient at any one time).
  • 7 and 14 day car parking tickets are available from the pay station or the information point in the car park. These are cheaper for friends and family to buy if you will be staying in hospital that length of time.
  • Flowers are permitted on the ward but need to be in a plastic vase.

To help us prevent the spread of any infections, all visitors should use the hand rub at the entrance to the ward on arrival and on leaving. Visitors may not sit or lie on the beds – there are chairs available in the day room. If you have any concerns about any aspects of the cleaning or food service please speak to the ward sister / charge nurse.

Please see most recent trust guideline on Covid visiting restrictions.

Current visiting policy

Restricted visiting will be permitted on most wards and areas such as our Emergency Department. Please follow our guidance to find our more information as some areas do still have restrictions.

Read our visiting policy

Next of kin

We ask that just one relative or friend is nominated as next of kin and only that person should normally communicate with the ward for updates - please ensure that nursing staff have your correct contact details.

This request is to help us protect patient confidentiality; ensure the accuracy of messages being received and passed on, and to make sure that nursing and medical staff spend as much time as possible looking after their patients.

Please confirm with us if you would wish to receive a night time call should your relative’s condition deteriorate – do not be alarmed if we ask you this, it is just in case.

If you would like to be involved in the personal care / feeding of your relative whilst they are in hospital, please discuss this with the nurse in charge.

It may not always be possible to speak to a doctor. Whilst they will try to update the nominated next of kin, an appointment may need to be made if you have specific or more detailed questions. You can speak to the ward clerk about arranging an appointment.

Please note that we are not permitted to give detailed medical information over the phone in accordance with confidentiality procedures.

In the first instance we hope our nursing team and junior medical team will be able to answer the majority of enquiries. We ask you to contact the ward after 2pm if you would like to get an update from the junior Medical team. If this is not the case and you wish to arrange to speak to Dr Mackett, Dr Keevil or Dr Hayhoe, please book an appointment via the secretary, Kara Doncaster, on 01223 217786.

  • Protected meal times – breakfast 08:00, lunch 12:30 and dinner 17:00.
  • We have a ‘missed meal’ service in place if needed (ask a member of staff).
  • Food and drink brought to the ward must be labelled.
  • There are regular drink rounds throughout the day.

Please keep your belongings to a minimum and store them in your bedside locker. For your own health and safety, please let a member of the ward staff know if you leave the ward at any time.

We encourage patients / friends not to bring anything valuable (financial or sentimental) onto the ward, as staff cannot be responsible for any losses.

If certain items do need to be brought in staff will need to be informed so they can complete or update your property form, and items will need to be labelled (e.g. glasses, dentures and hearing aids).

Patients may bring in any medication from home however please ensure medications in the original boxes. This will assist nursing and medical staff to make sure that there is an appropriate and consistent medication regime.

We encourage patients to bring in their own toiletries and clothes, as this can reduce any distress and promotes dignity. We are, however, unable to provide a laundering service.

Drug and doctor's rounds
  • Please try not to interrupt the nursing staff while they are doing the 'drug round' or checking medicines.
  • Please note that whilst you may not see your consultant every day, one of his team will see you every weekday.

Our philosophy is to try and enable you to return to your usual place of residence as soon as it is safe to do so. The process of planning your discharge begins from the time of your admission to hospital, and your ‘predicted discharge date’ will be adjusted according to your progress whilst you are in hospital. When you are medically fit, we will look to discharge you to an appropriate place, usually your own home, but sometimes to a rehabilitation environment.

We will always consult with you (the patient), and where appropriate your family or next of kin, when it seems necessary to consider starting or changing any social care or a discharge to a new environment, for example a care home.

You should be given a patient information leaflet about discharge titled ‘Preparing to leave hospital’ once you have arrived on the ward. If you have not been given this, please ask a member of staff.

Please ensure access to property on discharge is considered, along with arranging shopping and heating.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire on discharge, this is regarding the care you received on the ward and we value your feedback.

Privacy and dignity

Same sex bays and bathrooms are offered in all wards except critical care and theatre recovery areas where the use of high-tech equipment and / or specialist one to one care is required.

Your support is valued

If you would like to make a donation to ward G6, you can ask the staff for a ‘making a donation’ envelope.

If you would like to donate any toiletries for our patients to use, please hand them to any member of staff.

You can also nominate individual members of staff or a team for a ‘you made a difference’ award – a leaflet on how to do this is available by the ward entrance or on request.