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Car parking rules

Our hospitals are very busy and we're sure you understand that we cannot risk roads being blocked by illegally parked cars.

The following parking rules apply to all drivers, including disabled drivers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As this is a private hospital campus, these rules may be different to public highway rules:

  • Park within the marked bays only.
  • No parking on double yellow lines or yellow cross-hatched areas.
  • No parking on zebra crossings, including areas marked by zigzag lines.
  • No parking in bus stops or cycle lanes.
  • No parking on the grass.
  • Do not park where it would endanger, obstruct or inconvenience pedestrians or other road users.
  • On-site parking is restricted to 24 hours.
  • Anyone who parks their vehicle in breach of the published rules is liable to be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) without warning. The current Parking Charge Notice is £30 if paid within seven days.
  • Any vehicle parked that causes a potential obstruction for emergency vehicles, will be physically moved and issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)
  • Only disabled badge permit holders clearly displaying the Blue Badge permit and time clock on their dashboard are allowed to park in disabled parking spaces on our site. You can park here for free for a maximum of four hours.
  • The owner of any vehicle that causes physical damage to property on our site will be liable for the full cost of repair/reinstatement of the damaged property.
  • Disabled permit holders parking in car parks 1 and 2 are liable to standard car park fees.