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Help with travel

We have a number of ways that we can support you with your travel to and from our hospitals.

Patient transport

If you have a medical need that means you are unable to travel in a standard car, on public transport or by yourself in a taxi, your ward or clinic may be able to organise hospital transport.

If you’re an inpatient and hospital transport has been arranged for you please ensure that prior to your discharge your family/friends collect your belongings as the ambulance is only able to take one small bag per patient, plus your discharge medicines.

Please be aware that you will be travelling with other patients on the ambulance which will increase your journey time home.

We will not be able to allow a family member to travel with you as this will be taking the seat of another patient.

Help with travel costs

Full details about the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme is available on NHS.UK.

Urgent advice: Travel claims

The outpatient travel claims desk is currently closed until further notice. If you would like to claim back your travel expenses, please collect a HC5(T) form from the outpatient main reception. The outpatient main reception is available to assist you with completing the HC5(T) form. The form can only accept appointment claims from the last 3 months, anything older than 3 months will not be accepted.


You can find out if you are eligible to receive help with your travel expenses to and from the hospital for your appointments on NHS.UK.

To reclaim your travel expenses you must produce a letter from the benefits office dated within the last 12 months stating that you are in receipt of that benefit. We can also accept a valid tax credit card.

You will also be required to show evidence of your appointment (such as your appointment letter).

If you have not brought proof of benefits or cannot prove that you have had an appointment with us, then we will not be able to pay any money out. Under these circumstances you can complete an HC5 form (obtained from Outpatient’s Reception).

We can only pay backdated claims for a maximum of six weeks. If you have claims dating back more than six weeks you will need to complete an HC5 form and post this, together with any travel receipts to the address given on the form. You may make a postal claim up to three months after your appointment has taken place, or longer in exceptional circumstances.

The form should be presented to the healthcare travel scheme desk in the outpatients department as it is not valid unless it is stamped.

What you are entitled to claim back


Mileage is calculated at 15p per mile by using Google Maps. We use the home postcode you are registered at and our hospital’s postcode, and calculate the lowest mileage between the two.

You may be entitled to a higher rate of pay depending on your engine size. To claim this you must present your vehicle registration document.

We are unable to reimburse petrol station receipts.

Car parking

If you take your car parking ticket and your appointment card or letter to the customer service desk in the car park, or the reception desk located at the hospital’s main entrance, they will discount your ticket. More information is available on our discounted parking page.

Bus / train tickets

We can reimburse you for your bus and / or train fare if you produce your tickets. We can only pay for the patient who has the appointment.


We do not pay for taxi travel unless there are exceptional circumstances and / or no other form of transport available. Please contact the Outpatient’s Travel Claims Desk on 01223 216438 before choosing this mode of transport.


If someone is required to attend your appointment with you for medical purposes, you’ll need to get an escort form signed by a consultant or senior nurse. Unfortunately, without this we cannot pay for anyone else’s travel.

A&E patients

You are entitled to claim if you have had to attend A&E for a pre-existing condition that you are already being treated for in our Outpatients department. If you have had to attend A&E for any other reason, then you are not eligible to claim.

Visiting an inpatient?

You cannot claim help with travel costs if you are visiting someone in hospital. However, visitors in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits may be able to receive assistance in the form of a Social Fund payment. Further information about this assistance can be obtained from Jobcentre Plus offices.

Please note that all information is based on Department of Health and Social Care guidelines.

Passenger Assist Cambridge

Passenger Assist - Mobility Transport Services logo

Passenger Assist is a 24/7 mobility and wheelchair taxi service. They can assist with the following:

  • Hospital appointments
  • Shopping
  • Days out
  • Airport transfers
  • Seaport transfers
  • Station transfers
  • School runs

All drivers are fully DBS checked, disability aware and first aid certified.

Telephone: 01733 208208

Email Passenger Assist Cambridge

Passenger Assist website

Speak with the team

To talk to the travel claims team please call 01223 216438.