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The Tissue Bank is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and accredited by Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA). The facility routinely supplies a wide range of human material for cellular and molecular phenotyping to a variety of BRC themes, including Cancer, as well as to University researchers, quality assurance schemes, clinical trials and commercial companies.

More about requesting tissue samples and our histological services:
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Tissue Bank collect samples from resection specimens?

Yes. All cancer resections are collected fresh from theatre by a member of the Tissue Bank team. These specimens are examined by a pathologists and any surplus tissue not required for a clinical diagnosis is collected and stored in Tissue Bank.

Can I sample specimens in theatre?

Yes under certain circumstances. The flowchart explains the process

I need access to paraffin embedded samples from a diagnostic specimen. Can I access these samples through the Tissue Bank?

Yes. The Tissue Bank has access to the Histopathology surgical archive.

What Human Tissue Authority (HTA)  Licences do the Tissue Bank have?

The Tissue Bank is covered by the CUH HTA Research Licence 12315 and the CUH Post Mortem Licence. The following chart shows the other areas covered by the CUH Licences

My project isn’t ethically approved. Can I still access tissue?

Perhaps. The Tissue bank has it’s own ethical approval which allows access to a small number of irreversibly anonymised tissue samples for the following:

  • A pilot / proof of principle study
  • Control material for antibody validations
  • Quality assurance schemes.


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Does the Tissue Bank limit access to tissue samples?

The Tissue bank follows the CUH policy governing access to tissue samples. Click here for a copy of this document

I have tissue samples that I need processing. Can the Tissue Bank help?

Yes. The Tissue Bank can provide a range of histological services

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My project is coming to an end and I need to "bank my samples", what should I do?

There are several options available to you:

1. You can store your samples for a fee in an HTA licenced commercial biorepository.

2. You can apply to store the samples in one of the areas licenced by the CUH HTA licence. Click here for details

3. You can apply to an appropriate CUH Dseignated Individual to incorporate your area under one of the CUH HTA licences click here for details.

4.  You can respectfully dispose of the samples as described in your NRES application.


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Last updated: 17 August 2017