Information for patients

Donating tissue or cells for research

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (‘the Trust’) is a leading teaching hospital and bio-medical research centre, where many tissue and cell samples are taken from patients each day for laboratory tests. Examples of these specimens include blood samples, tissues removed during operations, and urine.

Some research projects use tissue samples taken with permission specifically for that project. However, many projects benefit from the use of tissue samples that are no longer needed after the necessary diagnostic tests have been completed, provided you give us permission to do this.

How can I donate my surplus tissue to the Trust’s Research Tissue Bank for teaching, quality control and research?

At some stage during your visit to the Trust, you may be asked to sign a form indicating whether you wish to donate surplus tissue. We also request that we can review your medical notes for research purposes. Please remember that our priority is making a diagnosis and treating your disease. Your medical treatment will not be affected in any way if you do not want your surplus tissue to be used for non-diagnostic purposes.

Please download the Patient Information leaflet below, or if you would like to know more about brain donation please click here

Last updated: 17 August 2017