Histopathology and cytology

The services provided by the department of histopathology and cytology include the routine and specialised examination of tissue samples (including immunocytochemistry and electron microscopy), diagnostic screening of body fluids and aspirates, routine and diagnostic screening of cervical smears and hospital and coroner's autopsies.

The Department is jointly staffed by National Health Service (NHS) and University of Cambridge consultants, many of whom have interests in specialised areas. The department of histopathology and cytology is accredited by Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) Limited, and its quality is assured by regular participation in technical and medical, both internal and external, quality control schemes.

Key contacts:

  • Gynaecology Cytology: Tel: 01638 569160
  • Diagnostic Cytology: Tel: 01223 217 608 (or ext 3608)
  • Departmental Head: Dr J W Grant Tel: 01223 216744 (hospital extension 2744)
  • Histopathology Manager: Dr John Brown​ Tel: 01223 256100 (hospital extension 56100); 

On other websites:

For further information contact: The department of histopathology and cytology, Box 235, Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge CB2 0QQ; Fax: 01223 216 980

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