Community midwife visits

The community midwifery service will provide care for you and your baby once you leave hospital.

We would normally expect to visit you and your baby the day after you leave hospital and would discuss with you your future visits according to your specific needs. In general we would see you and your baby either at home or in clinic when your baby is 2, 3 and 5 days old with a final visit at around 10-14 days of age. Additional visits up to day 28 can be arranged as needed on an individual basis. If you or your baby are still in hospital at these times then the care will be provided by hospital staff.

The community midwifery teams will provide information and support with your recovery after the birth, your baby’s health and development, feeding your baby and coping in those exciting but sometimes exhausting early days.

If you have not had contact from the community midwife by 16:00 on the day after you go home please contact the delivery unit on 01223 217 217 and we will arrange for a community midwife to contact you.

If you have a non urgent problem and wish to ask advice, please phone your community midwife team below and leave a message.

So that you can be sure your body is recovering after having your baby and that your baby is thriving, you should arrange to have a six week postnatal check with your GP. If you also need to be seen here at the hospital, an appointment will be sent to you. 

Ivy team Tel: 01223 596 212  Rose team Tel: 01223 349 316
Lilac team Tel: 01223 348 794  Scarlett team Tel: 01223 349 376 
Lily team Tel: 01223 586 787  Sienna team Tel: 01223 349 314 
Primrose team Tel: 01223 586 790 Sky team Tel: 01223 348 943