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Hypnobirthing at the Rosie

The Rosie Hospital

Hypnobirthing is an antenatal education programme that includes instruction on self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques. The course supports women and birthing people, and their birth partners, to prepare for the arrival of their baby, no matter how they plan to give birth. Hypnobirthing can be used as an alternative therapy on its own or alongside other forms of pain relief, including water immersion and epidural.

Urgent advice: Covid-19 update

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new on line Video Tutorial presented by Rosie Midwives.

Unfortunately our face to face and group sessions are still suspended for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Please see below details of our online offering.

There are many different hypnobirthing courses and approaches available, from private face-to-face courses, to audio soundtracks. We recommend you research what would suit you best before booking onto our course. The Rosie Hospital currently offers an online video tutorial service run by Rosie midwives who have been trained as Hypnobirthing practitioners. During the course, you will be taught breathing, visualisation, massage, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques

The ideal time to attend your Hypnobirthing course is at 30-32 weeks into your pregnancy.

There is currently limited evidence for hypnobirthing, but some small studies show that women reported an improved birth experience and less need for pain relief (Smith et al, 2006). This course is therefore offered by the Rosie Hospital as part of our commitment to supporting a range of options for women and birthing people to choose from when preparing for their birth.

Please book onto the Hypnobirthing course

The Rosie hypnobirthing course includes

  • Education around labour and our perceptions of pain
  • Deep relaxation techniques to help eliminate fear and tension
  • Breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Massage/rebozo skills
  • Quick techniques to slow breathing
  • How to use visualisation scripts
  • Ideas for creating a birth environment in which you and your birth partner can feel more relaxed

How much does the Hypnobirthing tutorial cost?

The cost of the tutorial is £39.

The tutorial will be available for 12 weeks from enrolment. You will have access to an interactive Question and Answer session hosted by one of our Rosie Hypnobirthing trained midwives. Details and times of these sessions will be emailed to you after you have booked onto the course.

You may find it beneficial to purchase a parent’s workbook prior to starting the course. This book is useful to refer back to and practise the techniques that you will learn during the course. It also provides background reading about the anatomy and physiology of birth. The book is called: Hypnobirth Parent’s Workbook transforming birth together by Teri Gavin-Jones & Sandra Handford.