Your birth preferences

We aim to make your birth experience as special as possible, whilst also ensuring that it is safe and results in the best possible outcome for you and your baby.

After a waterbirth in a birthing poolIt's important to remember that every labour is different. It is good to make plans but often the course of labour is unpredictable - the most important thing is to have an open mind.

Thinking about what you might like in labour and making a birth plan can inform your midwife about what you as an expectant mother are hoping for during labour and delivery. In addition, such a plan can help you to feel confident and in control, as much as possible. A plan also can help you be part of the decision-making process, even when unexpected events occur. It is important to remember that this plan needs to be flexible to accommodate the unexpected.

Discussing a birth plan with your midwife will give you the chance to ask questions and find out more about what happens in labour. It also allows your midwife to get to know you better and understand your feelings and priorities.

Topics to consider

  • Your preferred place of birth - the Rosie offers women the choice of birthing at home, the Rosie birth centre or the delivery unit
  • Who will be with you - your birth partner could be your partner, a friend or relative or you may chose to have a doula with you. 
  • Ways of coping with pain and pain relief for labour - you may chose to use a birthing pool, other methods such as massage or hypnosis, or pharmacological pain relief 
  • Labour - you may like to try different positions for labour and birth, and you may have a preference to how you and your baby are monitored
  • Delivery of the placenta - you may decide to have a physiological third stage of labour or chose active management.
  • Meeting your baby for the first time - will your baby be lifted straight onto you or cleaned and wrapped first. Skin to skin contact is important to help your baby recover from the birth.
  • Vitamin K for your baby - would you prefer your baby to have this by injection or oral administration.
  • Students - are you happy to have midwives/doctors in training present.
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