Ward L2 - Day surgery unit

Patients are admitted to L2 and prepared for their operation. All patients will be transferred to the operating theatre from L2 and then back to L2 or onto a main ward after their operation. DSU/L2 has standard opening hours of 06:45 on Monday until 19:30 on Saturday (any other arrangements will be individually agreed). It does not routinely open over public holidays. These will only be applied when the ward is being used for its commissioned purpose as a day of surgery admission area.

Visiting times

Opening Hours 
Monday to Saturday 06:45 to 19:30

Ward Manager 
Georgina Jackson- Plume 
Tel: 01223 216545


Claire Whybrow

Tel: 01223 349721


01223 216545
About the ward: 

You will be welcomed by our administrative team upon your arrival. At this point confirmation of your personal information will be completed.

Clinical testing may be required on your admission. This may include urine sampling, blood testing & obtaining an Electrocardiogram. In view of this please inform a member of staff prior to using the WC facility.

On a daily basis we provide care for a large volume of patients requiring pre and post-operative care. The unit has 35 beds/trolleys located within the clinical area. There will be a waiting period prior to you being allocated a bed space on the unit. Please be reassured that we are aware of your arrival. 

You will be seen by members of the surgical and nursing team who will explain your individual pathway. It is important that you are included and welcome any questions you may have.

Patients requiring an inpatient bed within the main hospital post operatively will be cared for within our admission area.

Information will be given to you regarding your post-operative ward and contact numbers provided by a member of the team.

Patients requiring an overnight stay for a clinical reason who have not met the discharge criteria by 06:30am will be transferred to a relevant specialty inpatient bed. Patients that are clinically safe to be discharged but are unable to be collected at this time will be transferred to the surgical discharge lounge, where your transport can collect you. Please be aware of this when making your discharge arrangements.

It is vital that you adhere to advice given following your pre assessment consultation. Please read our documents about preparing for your surgery and infection control


Finding us: 

To help you find your way to us please download our map.