Referrals and follow up information

New outpatient referrals:

If you have been referred to the hospital by your GP or another healthcare provider, your referral will be added to our electronic records system and triaged by a clinician to ensure you are seen by the right clinician in the right time frame.

New referrals are processed by administration teams, follow up appointments are processed by the clinic reception areas.

If you wish to speak to someone about booking, cancelling or re-booking your new referral appointment, please use the numbers in the charts below. If you have been seen in the clinic, and are awaiting a follow up appointment, please see the Clinic Follow-up section down below. 

If you have been referred using the National eReferral system, you can cancel or rebook your appointment online by clicking here.

Clinic Follow-up appointments:

Once you have had your first appointment with a Clinician, they may discharge you back to the care of your GP, or request another follow up appointment with you. The time frame on this will vary depending on when the Clinician determines when you need to be reviewed next. It may be possible to book your appointment as you leave the clinic, however, if your follow up appointment is due in over 6 months, it is likely we will contact you nearer the time you are due. To re-arrange, book or cancel a follow up appointment, please call the Outpatients Contact centre who can direct your call to the appropriate person.

Outpatient Contact Centre: 01223 274 900

If you have a follow up appointment in the following diagnostic and clinic areas, please call them directly:

Clinical Neurophysiology: 01223 274392
Cardiology Diagnostics - ECG & 24/48 hour tape requests: 01223 216990
Outpatient X-Ray: 01223 216270
MRI: 01223 216559
MRIS: 01223 216559
Wolfsan Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic: 01223 348750

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