Welcome to the CUH Outpatient’s Department.

At outpatients we see over 700,000 patients a year. We are always striving to improve our service. If you have visited outpatients recently, either as a patient, friend, relative or carer, please take the time to complete our friends and family survey. This will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Click here to access the survey online.

Andi Thornton
Outpatients Operations Manager

Patient Choice

You can view what choices are currently available to NHS patients in the NHS Choice Framework on GOV.UK. Here you'll also find information about when you can't choose – for example, if you need emergency care or you're a member of the armed forces. Make sure you know which options apply to you. The NHS is working hard to improve the opportunities for patients to make choices about their care.

By 2020 NHS England wants all patients to be able to say:

  • I have discussed with my GP or healthcare professional the different options available to me, including the pros and cons and, where appropriate, whether to choose not to have treatment.
  • I was offered appropriate choices of where to go for my care or tests.
  • I was given an opportunity to choose a suitable alternative provider because I was going to wait longer than the maximum waiting time specified in my legal rights.
  • Information to help me make my decisions was available and I knew where to find it in a format that was accessible to me.
  • I was given sufficient time to consider what was right for me.

For more information about patient choice, click here to go the the NHS website.

Kiosk Check-in

We have a number of self-check-in kiosks located in the main outpatient entrance hall, level 3 of outpatients, and the Addenbrookes Treatment Centre.

On your appointment letter will be a bar code, scan the bar code

Using the self-service check-in, you are able to check-in for your appointment and update your personal details. The kiosk will direct you to the location of your clinic appointment.

Patients’ Responsibilities

As a patient, you can help contribute to the success of the NHS by being aware of your responsibilities, which include ensuring you are available to accept multiple appointments within an 18 week period when referred.  

Cancelling your appointment and 'Did Not Attend' appointment:

Should you need to cancel, re-arrange, or no longer require your appointment please contact the clinic listed on your appointment letter as soon as possible so the appointment can be reallocated to another patient.  If you miss your appointment, or repeatedly cancel or decline appointments; subject to clinical review/approval, you may be discharged back to the care of your GP.

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