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Fit 4 Surgery


Information for patients

Fit 4 Surgery is a service for patients due to have major surgery at our hospitals.

Fit 4 Surgery is a weekly virtual group session on Zoom, run by consultant anaesthetists, senior physiotherapists and pre-assessment clinical nurse specialists.

Fit 4 Surgery is currently a Cancer Alliance funded pilot, therefore not available to all specialties – please ask your surgeon or specialist nurse for more information and to find out if you are eligible to attend.

Key benefits of attending:

  • Knowledge of anaesthetic and how to prepare
  • Updated information on COVID restrictions at CUH
  • Awareness of pain relief options post-operatively
  • Increased exercise pre-operatively
  • Knowledge on how to practically prepare for coming in, and going home after surgery
  • Breathing exercises using an incentive spirometer – a device to improve deep breathing and clearance of secretions
  • The opportunity to ask questions to a number of specialist professionals about the elective surgical pathway
  • Signposting to charities and other organisations who may provide support e.g. Macmillan, CAMQUIT
  • Smoking cessation advice and onward referrals if requested
CUH Fit 4 Surgery Introduction

CUH Fit 4 Surgery Introduction


CUH Fit 4 Surgery Patient Journey

CUH Fit 4 Surgery Patient Journey