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Paediatric Orthoptics

Orthoptic services

Your child may see an Orthoptist before seeing a Paediatric Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) at the first visit, to assess their vision and eye alignment.

On arrival to Clinic 3, a member of the reception team will check in your child. Alternatively, there are automated check in kiosks situated inside the Outpatient’s entrance or near the entrance of Clinic 3. The receptionist will then direct you and your child towards the waiting room and play room, where there are a selection of toys and books available while you wait for your appointment. Pictures of the Orthoptics team and names of available Orthoptists are displayed, to enable you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the Orthoptists.

There are many different ways to assess your child’s vision, depending on your child’s age and ability. Tests may involve looking at toys, lights, stripes and pictures, matching pictures and letters from a distance, or may involve identifying pictures and letters. If your child has glasses, it is important to bring these to all appointments.

Your child will usually need to only see the Orthoptist at follow up visits, but may need to see an Optometrist or Paediatric Ophthalmologist depending on your child’s eye conditions and treatment pathway. This may be to assess and monitor vision, particularly if your child has been given glasses, or if a difference in vision between the two eyes has previously been diagnosed.

Sometimes, your child may require patching treatment if there is a difference in vision is present between the two eyes and glasses does not fully correct this.

Patient comments from Patient satisfaction survey 2018

"The Orthoptists we have seen have always been on time for the appointments, very friendly and excellent working relationships with very young children. They are always very professional, helpful and thorough”

“We have always had a pleasant experience at the clinic and my child always feels comfortable here and now knows the routine.”

“The Orthoptist was brilliant - was reassuring and engaged my son brilliantly. Often that's difficult with older children- he is 12- but the Orthoptist did an amazing job and my son actively enjoyed his hospital visit. He is quite shy/sensitive and it has really helped him approach his surgery calmly, having a whole series of positive visits like this one.”

“The Orthoptist we saw was lovely and very patient with my daughter. The explanations were clear and I understood everything that the Orthoptist said/suggested.”

“The Orthoptists are very good at their job of putting children at ease. They also are very friendly for parents to feel comfortable asking questions.”

“Orthoptist was awesome!”