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Radiation protection

Medical physics and clinical engineering

The East Anglian Regional Radiation Protection Service (EARRPS) advises the Trust on the safe use of all forms of radiation such as X-rays, lasers and ultraviolet. EARRPS was established in 1983 and is an ISO 9001 accredited service.

Staff from the service also act as radiation protection advisers to other NHS hospitals as well as users of radiation throughout East Anglia including:

  • private hospitals  
  • veterinary practices
  • dental practices
  • research laboratories

In this capacity, we offer expert advice to keep radiation doses to patients, staff and the public as low as reasonably practicable. In addition we advise on the safe storage, use and disposal of radioactive materials in accordance with legislation, and on the doses of radiation that are received by patients during clinical procedures.

EARRPS provides a broad range of services including:

  • radiation protection advice
  • approved personal dosimetry service
  • QA program for diagnostic radiology across East Anglia
  • calibration and testing of radiation monitors
  • non-ionising radiation audit and advice services
  • annual patient dosimetry audits
  • radiation training courses

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01223 216 908.

Cambridge personal radiation monitoring service (CPRMS)

The Cambridge personal radiation monitoring service (CPRMS) is responsible for the management and processing of personal dose meters used for measuring staff exposure to radiation. Monitors can be used to assess whole body dose and/or doses to extremities including fingers and eyes.

The service currently has approximately 2500 users from within the Trust, and external customers including hospitals, research units, veterinary and dental practices as well as the University of Cambridge.

The service operates within an ISO 9001 quality management system and record keeping aspects of the service are accredited by the Health and Safety Executive.

For further information please contact email or phone 01223 216397