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Imaging (Radiology)

One of the x-ray scanners used in our department

We use X-rays to produce images of the skeleton, chest and abdomen. These X-rays are then reviewed by our Radiologists or advanced practice Reporting Radiographers.

At CUH, we perform over 168,000 X-ray examinations a year and have a large team of radiographers that work 24/7 to provide care for patients from across the entire region. We are a large teaching hospital therefore your examination may be undertaken by one of our students from the University of Suffolk or one of our radiography apprentices.

For patients

Some patients are sent to the Outpatient X-ray department from one of the clinics e.g. fracture clinic or oncology for a same day X-ray. Alternatively your doctor will refer you to us and you will be contacted by our booking team to arrange an appointment, this will either be by telephone or you may receive an appointment letter in the post.

You will be offered an appointment at one of the following:

  • the main Outpatient department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
  • the Inpatient X-ray department in the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre (ATC)
  • our satellite site at Saffron Walden Community Hospital
  • or the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) at Ely. Please check before your appointment which X-ray department your appointment is booked for.
Preparing for your appointment

Dependent on your X-ray examination, you may be asked to change into a hospital gown. You may wish to bring your own dressing gown to wear over the top of the hospital gown whilst waiting in the waiting room.

Your X-ray report with be sent directly to the doctor or clinic who referred you. The Radiographer is unable to give you your results. Patients who are having an x-ray following recent trauma will be asked to wait for a report and referred to the Emergency Department for treatment if required. Patients referred on the Lung Pathway will be asked to wait after their appointment as further imaging such as a CT (computerised tomography) scan may be required to provide your doctor with more information.

Hospital transport can only be provided if needed for medical reasons. This is not organised by the Imaging Department. If you are a Cambridgeshire or Peterborough resident and require transport please telephone the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (opens in a new tab) on 0345 603 8117 to arrange transport. Please ensure a return journey is booked. Anyone outside of this area will need to contact your referring doctor or GP.

Saffron Walden appointments
X-ray department at Saffron Walden Community Hospital

Contact Saffron Walden X-ray department

All enquiries and appointments: 01799 562946

By post: Saffron Walden Community Hospital, Radwinter Road, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 3HY

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 17:00

Parking: Free outside the front of Saffron Walden Community Hospital

Ely appointments

Contact Ely Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) X-ray Department

All enquiries and appointments: 01223 808501

By post: Princess of Wales Hospital, Lynn Road, Ely, CB6 1DN

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30 - 17:00

Parking: Free on the CDC site.

For prospective staff

At CUH we perform over 168,000 X-ray examinations a year across our plain film imaging areas. Our department has been fully digital since 2005 and is a show site for GE. We have over 60 Radiographers and Assistant Practitioners within the general imaging team, this includes a team of Advanced Practice Radiographers in MSK reporting, chest and abdominal reporting, bariums swallows, hysterosalpingograms and lithotripsy. The general imaging department provides a 24/7 service with an out-of-hours shift system. We are a large teaching hospital and train students through the traditional undergraduate university route from the University of Suffolk as well as a diagnostic radiography apprenticeship programme in conjunction with Exeter University.

Outpatient X-ray
  • 5 DDR rooms.
  • Between 200-300 patients a day.
  • Range of specialist examinations such as whole spine imaging, volumeRAD (tomography), skeletal surveys, cochlear implants and Taylor Spatial Frames.
  • Both GP and outpatient clinic appointments, as well as fluoroscopy screening in vascular access.
  • Additional DDR Siemens room at our satellite site at Saffron Walden Community Hospital.
  • Additional DDR GE room at Ely CDC (Community Diagnostic Centre)
  • Open 08:30-17:00hrs Mon-Fri.
Emergency X-ray
  • 2 DDR rooms.
  • 12 DDR mobile x-ray machines.
  • Designated as the major trauma centre for the East of England.
  • Open 24/7, with 3 Radiographers working overnight to cover A&E work, portable X-rays to critically unwell patients and emergency theatre cases.
Inpatient X-ray
  • 2 DDR rooms.
  • Also covers 6 day surgery theatres and 2 endoscopy suites.
  • CUH has approximately 1000 inpatient beds.
Main theatres
  • 22 operating theatres plus an additional 5 neurosurgery theatres (covered by the neuro CT team).
  • 13 c-arms.
  • Provide imaging for a wide range of theatre cases such as; neuro, urology, orthopaedics, paediatrics.
  • 1 fluoroscopy room.
  • Wide range of procedures such as hysterosalpingograms, barium swallows, joint injections, urodynamics, cystograms, tube changes and speech & language therapy.
  • 2 new rooms.
  • Cone beam CT, OPG, CEPH and intraoral equipment.