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Interventional radiology

Imaging (Radiology)

At CUH we perform over 3,500 interventional radiology (IR) procedures per year. We have a team made up of consultant radiologists, radiology registrars, radiographers, nurses and healthcare assistants. As this is a teaching hospital we also have trainees across all professions who may be involved with your care.

In interventional radiology we use X-rays to guide us with minimally invasive procedures. We use wires and catheters to help us either unblock arteries or to block off (embolise) areas that are internally bleeding. We also carry out regular tube changes for nephrostomies and feeding tubes. Your investigation / treatment may be provided by a specialist radiographer or specialist registrar and not always by a consultant radiologist.

For patients

We ask most of our outpatients to attend the Radiology day unit (RDU) before your procedure. This is on Level 3, near Ultrasound. The RDU is run by a team of Radiology nurses who will ensure you are ready for your procedure and provide care during your recovery afterwards.

Hospital transport can only be provided if needed for medical reasons. If you are a Cambridgeshire or Peterborough resident and require transport please telephone the East of England Ambulance service NHS Trust on 0345 603 8117 to arrange transport. Please ensure a return journey is booked. Anyone outside of this area will need to contact your referring doctor or GP.

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