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Reproductive medicine and surgery


We treat disorders of the female reproductive system, including subfertility, problems with menstruation (periods), pelvic pain, fibroids, menopause, endometriosis and abnormal bleeding.

Our clinics include a one-stop outpatient hysteroscopy clinic for patients with abnormal bleeding patterns. Members of the department are also involved in multidisciplinary vulva, intersex and Turner syndrome clinics.

In my role I help senior nurses on the ward and clinics to develop all gynaecology nurses and other staff new to the specialty, including healthcare assistants and student nurses or midwives. This involves making education plans, supervising, teaching and arranging training outside the department.

Lisa Prentice - Gynaecology clinical development nurse
Nurse Lisa Prentice
Lisa Prentice

Surgery takes place in the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre. You may go there for day case procedures, if you have a larger procedure and need to stay overnight or longer, you will be transferred to Daphne Ward in the Rosie. We offer hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and open surgical procedures such as hysterectomy.

For women or couples with subfertility issues, we provide continuity of your care from referral for tests through medical or surgical treatment to care during and after pregnancy. We may see you either at the Rosie Hospital or at Cambridge IVF based in nearby Trumpington.

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