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Continence clinic

Non-urgent advice: Finding clinic 21

Clinic 21 is on the ground floor of the Rosie hospital, opposite the ultrasound department. From the main Rosie entrance, head straight through the Rosie reception area, past the Pavilion cafe and follow the signs to clinic 21, which is on the right.  

Car park 2 is the designated car park for the Rosie Hospital sited within a couple of minutes walk to the Rosie main entrance.

Tel: 01223 217664

Opening times

The continence clinic runs every Monday.

The continence clinic diagnoses and treats patients with any of the following conditions:

  • stress urinary incontinence
    when you leak urine on activity, coughing, sneezing, laughing and/or lifting
  • urgency
    when your bladder is overactive and you need to rush to the toilet many times a day
  • urge incontinence
    when you feel an urge to urinate and leak before you can reach a toilet
  • mixed incontinence
    a combination of the above

These are commonly caused by damage to the pelvic floor eg by childbirth or being overweight.

Treatments may include physiotherapy to strengthen your pelvic floor and / or changes to your lifestyle eg losing weight, changing your diet or stopping smoking. 

In some cases you may be offered surgery to repair your pelvic floor.