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Outpatient clinics


The Outpatient Diabetes Services operate primarily out of the Wolfson Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic (Clinic 32) located in the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre (ATC) block.

The centre provides ongoing outpatient based diabetes care via a number of specialist clinics supported by doctors, specialist educators (diabetes specialist nurses and diabetes specialist dieticians), allied health professionals and clinic staff. A number of clinics are multi-professional with access to doctors and educators in the same appointment.

The department has an award-winning Type 1 service, with one of the largest insulin pump and DAFNE programmes in the UK.

Services provided

Services provided include:

  • Type 1 diabetes care – including specialist support for insulin pump therapy and glucose monitoring devices
  • Type 2 diabetes and atypical forms of diabetes including MODY
  • Multidisciplinary clinics including foot and renal
  • Diabetes foot clinic
  • Diabetes and Women’s health clinics
  • Pregnancy and Diabetes clinics (via Clinic 21 and 22 at the Rosie Hospital)
  • Transition clinic for diabetes
  • Young Adult Diabetes clinic
  • Insulin pump clinics
  • Intensive insulin management clinics
  • Intensive Flash Glucose Monitoring clinics
  • Diabetes telephone clinics (Virtual clinic)
  • Community clinics (virtual and via GP practices)
  • Rapid access subacute diabetes ambulatory clinic
  • Severe Insulin Resistance Service (SIRS)

The service offers a number of patient education programs including:

  • DAFNE courses in a variety of formats (Courses also held at satellite locations – Ely)
  • Carbohydrate counting workshops
  • Exercise and diabetes workshops

In addition, patients benefit from support groups and communications:

  • Type 1 patient days
  • 3Ps – diabetes and pregnancy support group
  • Insulin pump newsletter


The department benefits from the services of a large clinical team consisting of doctors (NHS and academic clinicians), specialist registrars, specialist educators (specialist nurses and specialist dieticians) and podiatrists ably supported by a team of secretaries, administrators, healthcare assistants and clinic staff.

  • Clinical Lead for Diabetes– Dr. Eleanor Gurnell, Consultant
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurse Lead – Katy Davenport
  • Diabetes Specialist Dietician Lead – Sara Hartnell
  • Lead Medical Secretary – Jo Law


  • Jo Law: 01223 586539 (Dr Latika Sibal)
  • Jacqueline Rose: 01223 586922 (Dr Amanda Adler)
  • Sharon Coe: 01223 586505 (Dr Mark Evans)
  • Morag Fieldsend: 01223 348123(Dr Eleanor Gurnell, Dr Vishakha Bansiya, SIRS - Dr Anna Stears)
  • Lisa Collins: 01223 348777 (Foot services - Dr Tony Coll, Dr Latika Sibal, Consultant)

Relevant contacts

  • Diabetes appointments: 01223 348750
  • Clinic 32 reception: 01223 349778
  • Foot clinic reception: 01223 216706
  • Insulin pump administrator: Fiona O’Reilly 01223 349471
  • Glucose monitoring technology administrator: Anne-Marie Monk 01223 349471
  • Patient education administrator: Allison Housden 01223 349781
  • Research: Shannon Farnham 01223 349473

Key Staff