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Oncology and haematology - C2 (paediatrics)

Paediatric Wards

We are the regional centre for children aged from birth to 16 years who have cancer (oncology) and blood disorders (haematology), caring for children receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We are also the medical ward for children aged 3 to 16 years from the Cambridge area.

Information for patients

Our ward consists of 17 beds divided into six cubicles, two double rooms, one triple room and a four-bed bay. These beds / rooms are allocated according to medical need.

A parent / carer's bed is found next to every child's bed. We can only accommodate one parent/carer on the ward.

We have a playroom, teenage room, school room, parents room and laundry room.

TV is free on the ward - shuts off at 8pm.

Post is delivered twice a day to the ward. Outgoing post can be placed in the out tray on the reception desk.

Toilet and washing facilities are available on the ward for patients and resident parents. Visitors are encourages to use facilities off the ward.


Open visiting is welcomed during the day, however we discourage visiting at nights in order to aid sleep for all.

We ask families to be respectful to all on the ward and not encourage too many visitors - larger groups would need to be met off the ward.

Finding us

From the main hospital entrance: in the reception area turn right onto the main concourse. Turn left and go past the hairdressers towards the main ward lifts. Walk straight past the main lifts. Ward C2 entrance is on the left hand side.

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