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Paediatric Inpatient Pain Service

Children's services (Paediatrics)

The paediatric pain service offers inpatient pain management support for acute and complex pain.

About us

Our aim is to lead, promote and facilitate good practice in pain assessment and management in children and young people.

The inpatient pain service was established in 2009. Working closely with other teams in the Trust we facilitate pain management and encourage good practice in pain assessment and treatment.

Inpatients who are receiving epidural / regional analgesia or nurse controlled / patient controlled opioid infusions are seen daily by one of our clinical nurse specialists. We have consultant-led ward rounds and support from the paediatric consultant anaesthetists. We will also provide support to patients with complex pain, and we work collaboratively with the paediatric symptom management team for patients who require specialist pain management interventions.

Conditions we treat

Our inpatient service provides pain management support to a wide variety of medical and surgical patients including post-operative pain, treatment related pain, symptom management and complex pain. Inpatients who have been referred to us with complex pain are reviewed daily for as long as is required.

Referral information

Patients with epidurals / regionals are reviewed daily. Children with NCA / PCA analgesia are routinely reviewed by the specialist nurses Monday - Friday. Anaesthetic advice and support is available at the weekend.

Inpatients with complex pain can be referred by your child’s lead team for advice and support.

Information for patients

Our aim is to provide timely and effective pain assessment and management to children and young people who have been referred to us. With appropriate interventions your child’s pain may be reduced to a more manageable level.

Meet the Team

Dr Paul Rolfe - Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia

Meryl Gunstone - Paediatric Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist

Shona Rookes - Paediatric Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist