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Haematology and oncology (Paediatrics)

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The paediatric haematology and oncology department at Addenbrooke’s hospital has cared for children from birth to 16 years with cancer and blood disorders since 1986.

Meet the team

Consultant paediatric haematologists

  • Dr Emmy Dickens (Clinical lead)
  • Dr Mike Gattens
  • Dr Arun Mahendrayogam

Consultant in bone marrow transplantation

Associate specialist

  • Dr Anny Wong

Specialty doctors

  • Dr Lisa Rebello
  • Dr Jonathan Tan

Consultant paediatric oncologists

Hon. consultant paediatric oncologists

Consultant in paediatric palliative care

  • Dr Carolina Gonzalez-Perez

Lead nurse for paediatric haematology and oncology

  • Carol Chenery

Senior sister, ward C2

  • Helen Wright

Senior sister, paediatric day unit

  • Laura Humes

The team provides tertiary level services to the population of the East of England. The service operates a ‘hub and spoke’ model of care in association with 10 paediatric oncology shared care units (POSCUs) around the region. Working alongside the consultants are specialist nurses, the research team (including trial coordinators, research nurses and data managers), allied healthcare professionals (physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists), teachers, Young Lives vs Cancer social workers, counsellors and admin staff.

The clinical research activity of the team is exceptionally strong, with patients actively recruited to a portfolio of national and international haematology and oncology trials. We are also part of the ‘Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer’ consortium, along with nine other UK centres, delivering Phase I and II trials. Our centre leads nationally in terms of provision of whole genome sequencing for our patients, bringing comprehensive molecular diagnostics to the bedside.

The department is well represented nationally and internationally in terms of leadership roles held by our consultants in research groups relating to childhood cancer. These include, but are not limited to, leukaemia, lymphoma and germ cell tumours (more information available under the entries for individual consultants).

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