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Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator

We're here for you

Having cancer can be an isolating experience, where you miss out on school, seeing friends and other normal stuff. Youth Support Coordinators are there to support you and make the hospital ward a less scary place, providing an informal and relaxed atmosphere and keeping everyone as active as possible.

A Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator sitting on a sofa in the teenage cancer trust unit holding a mug
Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator

They make sure there are plenty of chances to socialise and stay connected with other people your age. They’ll arrange activities and give practical help about specific issues, like altered appearance and body image. All this support makes huge difference to life with cancer.

Non-urgent advice: WHAT WE PROVIDE

One to One

One to one coaching, support and advice


Group activities, games and social opportunities


Off site events and activities, such as trips to restaurants, bowling, theatre visits and much more!

Specialist Support

Our support is tailored to you - whether that's organizing a takeaway, talking about the meaning of life and everything in-between.


Residential programmes for patients who are off treatment, looking at moving forward.