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TYA Late Effects Service

The Teenage and Young Adult Late Effects Service is here to help you once you have completed treatment for cancer.

The Late Effects Service is here to support you manage your health and wellbeing Post-Treatment.

The focus of our support is to give you the tools and the confidence to manage your health and wellbeing moving forward.

We look at your individual needs and any post treatment side effects, both physical and psychosocial.

Charlotte Granville-George

Non-urgent advice: What we offer

Expert Support and Advice

Full time Late Effects Clinical Nurse Specialist accessible via mobile or internet

Psycho-Social support

For cancer & cancer treatment related support we have various avenues of support via the expertise of our Youth Support Coordinator and our TYA Counsellors.


Post treatment support groups for patients who are within 3 years post treatment.

We have access to support locally for patients who are further out of treatment such as psychological support or fertility.