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Elaina Ford

CPPG Deputy Patient Chair

Elaina Ford

I joined CPPG at the end of 2019 following a diagnosis of multi focal breast cancer in September 2019. I underwent chemo at Addenbrookes but as surgery was elsewhere due to CUH restrictions as the pandemic started. As my sister had been through this four years earlier, I knew a lot of what to expect, what to ask, and how to prepare. I found, though, that I wouldn’t have had access to this information if it wasn’t for her experiences. Through the PBCP trial we found a genetic link.

I joined CPPG to try and help improve information flow and processes so that something useful could come of my experience and all that I’ve learnt through my cancer. In particular I hope to represent some of the views and concerns of people with a diagnosis at a younger age, as there are so many more getting diagnosed that are still of childbearing age and want to preserve fertility, and who are supporting young children, and working.

I work in research management in environmental sciences, mostly focusing on climate change. I don’t have spare time as lockdown seems to have me trying to fix all my neighbours’ gardens, and I teach sailing and powerboating on the Thames in central London.