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Addenbrooke’s Cancer Patient Partnership Group

The Addenbrooke's Cancer Patient Partnership Group (CPPG) is a group of patients and carers who work with hospital staff to improve cancer services by sharing the patients’ views and raising concerns on their behalf.

CPPG and co-production within Addenbrooke’s Cancer Services


Who are we?

  • We are a group of cancer patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
  • We are varied in age and background, and bring a wide range of skills and experiences to the group.
  • We use our experience to help improve cancer services for everyone.

What do we do?

We work together as patients, carers and healthcare professionals to:

  • Improve patient and carer experiences along the whole cancer pathway - through diagnosis, treatment and after – for cancer patients at Addenbrooke’s.
  • Plan new services.
  • Ensure that the patient, carer, family and staff perspectives are heard.
  • Consult with and listen to people whose lives have been affected by cancer to help make positive changes in services.
  • Represent the patient in hospital committee and planning meetings, including the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cancer Board.
  • Bring the experiences of people affected by cancer to the attention of those who fund, commission, plan and manage services in the area.
  • Ensure that patient information is easy to understand.
  • Participate in many different projects, big and small, that benefit from patients’ views.

Our success stories

  • Campaigning for clinic letters to be written from clinicians directly to patients, with copies to GPs.
  • Contributing to the redesign of the Oncology Outpatients Department.
  • Writing communication guidelines and tip sheets for patients and clinicians during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Contributing to the development of a new finger prick test for patients to detect the possibility of neutropenic sepsis.
  • Gathering and promoting information on patient buddy schemes as a way of supporting patients.
  • Designing and updating the contents of information packs for new cancer patients.

Interested in joining?

  • Get involved in improving cancer services.
  • You can be any age from 16+.
  • You can be a patient, carer or family member.
  • You don’t need any special skills.

During my cancer treatment I was aware of the huge debt I owed to the medical team. I really felt I needed to give something back and decided to join CPPG so that I could work with clinicians and other patients to improve cancer services

Helene - Patient member
CPPG Chair, Helene (right), shaking hands with Lead Cancer Nurse, Hannah (left), under a sign that reads 'Oncology and Haematology Centre'
Patient member, Helene (right), and Lead Cancer Nurse, Hannah (left).

How you can join in

Contact us

We are actively looking for more members from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and LGBT+ communities, plus younger members (<50 years). Your voice matters and we want to make sure it's heard.