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Tissue bank

The human research tissue bank, an integral part of the Cambridge biomedical research centre.


Tissues supply

A comprehensive range of fresh, frozen, and formalin fixed paraffin embedded normal and abnormal tissues are available.

Working together with surgeons, theatre staff, and specialist pathologists in histopathology, we are able to collect and store a wide variety of tissue samples.

Tissue processing

A complete tissue processing service is available which includes the processing of murine and other tissue models

We use automated tissue processors. We can advise you on the best methods to use as we have experience of  handling all types of tissue samples.

Heamatoxylin and Eosin staining and other special stains are available.

Heamatoxylin and Eosin staining and other special stains are available. Heamatoxylin and Eosin's are quality independently quality assessed, and using automated equipment we can provide a high through put service to our users. In addition our experience staff are able to carry out a number of special stains.

Frozen and paraffin sectioning

A frozen and paraffin sectioning service by well trained biomedical scientists is available. Sectioning of murine and other models is also provided.

Immunocytochemistry and antibody validation

Immunocytochemistry and antibody validations can be performed on many different tissue types as well as murine and other models. We use the latest automated equipment to provide a high quality immunocytochemistry and antibody validation service.

Construction of tissue microarrays

The tissue bank can construct TMA's with various core sizes from 1mm to 6mm, from resection specimens or biopsy material.

We also have a number of in house TMA's available.
Contact the tissue bank for more information.

Nucleic acid extractions

Extraction of nucleic acids is available from fresh, frozen and paraffin embedded material, as well as whole blood and buffy coats.

Slide scanning

The slide scanning services, allows for high throughput scanning of microscope slide.

Clinical trials

Our Clinical Trials team are able to help you through the process of requesting tissue for a clinical trial.

Cambridge brain bank

The Cambridge Brain Bank was established in 1975 to allow researchers access to brain tissue to investigate disorders of the nervous system, and offers a well-characterised resource of frozen and paraffin embedded brain tissue from donors with Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, Motor Neurone disease and Huntington’s disease, as well as a comprehensive histological service. Normal control brain tissue from people without neurological disorders is also available.

Contact details

Box 235
Cambridge University Hospitals
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HTA research licence no: 12315
HTA post mortem licence no: 12318

The Tissue Bank works to ISO 15189:2012 guidelines.