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PET/CT facilities

The PET/CT department is located on Level 2 off the corridor heading to the Oncology/Radiotherapy department.

The scanner in the department is the GE Discovery TM 690 PET/CT system which is a 64 slice PET/CT scanner with time-of-flight technology.

A close collaboration has been formed with the Wolfson Brain Imaging Radiochemistry Department to supply Radiopharmaceuticals for research purposes. This allows the use of C-11 Radiopharmaceuticals which can be produced locally.

Information for researchers

The PET/CT department has set up a Research Management Committee to assist in implementing your research project in the PET/CT Department. This committee is comprised of consultants from Nuclear Medicine and CT, Wolfson Brain Imaging Radiochemistry, Lead PET/CT scientist and Radiographer, Clinical Director Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering and a representative from Cancer Research UK.

Owing to the need to manage capacity on this valuable resource we can only allow access to investigators whose projects have been submitted on a pro forma and approved in advance by the Research Management Committee. They consider applications monthly and provide a response within a week of their meeting.

  • If you are seeking advice about the viability of a project or have other questions please telephone 01223 256419 or email the PET/CT team.
  • Following an initial discussion with you about your research project, we will send you a pro forma to complete and submit to the Research Management Committee for review
  • If approved, the PET/CT department will keep a copy of the Protocol, Ethics, ARSAC (Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee) and Insurance forms.