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MRI core

We are able to provide access to this facility and a full service, from the labelling of RNA samples to the hybridisation and scanning of arrays.

In 2008 an extension to the Cambridge University Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre facilitated the installation of a second 3T MRI scanner, the Siemens Verio. This scanner not only has an especially wide bore of 70cm offering a reduced claustrophobic experience and enabling the study of obese patients, but it also has heteronuclear capabilities allowing the development of highly specialised phosphorus (31P) and carbon (13C) magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to investigate metabolism.

MRS is an important technology in this context and enables non-invasive measurement of biochemical intermediates and metabolic pathway activity in tissues. It has significantly advanced knowledge of both normal physiology and pathogenic mechanisms in metabolic disorders including diabetes and insulin resistance.

The core facility has two dedicated members of staff, a research physicist and a radiographer. More information on the types of scans developed can be found at Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre.

Contact details

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
University of Cambridge
Box 65, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Car Park C, Robinson Way
Cambridge CB2 0QQ, UK

Phone: 01223 331823
Fax: 01223 331826

Key contacts are Dr Adrian Carpenter and Dr Alison Sleigh.

Discussions and enquiries about new studies are welcome: email Dr Sleigh.