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Kate Sanders - Cardiac Clinical Scientist

Healthcare Science Specialism: Cardiac rhythm management

Kate Sanders

What does your job involve?

I look after patients with implanted cardiac devices. I’m also doing a professional doctorate (HSST) and am running my own research project into support for these patients.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Genuinely making a difference to patient’s lives and seeing them improve is the best thing to me.

What qualifications led you to this role?

I did a BSc in cardiac physiology, then Masters level qualifications in clinical assessment and cardiac rhythm management helped me get STP equivalence, which was needed to get on HSST.

What career opportunities are available?

So many! I started as an undergraduate trainee and now HSST is preparing me to be a future consultant cardiac scientist, which is amazing opportunity.

Do you have advice for someone interested in a career in healthcare science?

There are so many specialisms you can find one to suit your strengths. If you enjoy patient contact, physiological sciences are great way to be a scientist and work with patients directly.