Meet the team - oral and maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics

Mr M Cameron 

Head & neck oncology, orofacial reconstruction, cutaneous malignancy, tracheotomy in surgery, facial trauma

Miss K Moar
Specialist interest in cleft

Mr V Santhanam
Facial deformity surgery, head & neck skin cancers, craniofacial trauma & reconstruction, salivary gland diseases and facial plastic surgery

Mr M Thompson 
Head & neck oncology, oral cancer with reconstruction

Mr Christopher Fowell

Facial deformity surgery, craniomaxillofacial trauma, paediatric maxillofacial surgery, dentoalveolar surgery and skin cancer of the head and neck.

Orthodontics consultants

Miss R J Rimes - Clinical lead 
Orthodontics, orthognatics, cleft lip and palate, dentofacial Deformity

Mr H Jeremiah 
Orthodontics, dentofacial deformity, hypodontia, cleft lip and palate

Restorative dentistry consultants

Mr A Barber
Restorative dentistry consultant for cleft lip & palate, head & neck cancer, hypodontia

​Miss J Smallridge
Special interest in cleft and restorative dentistry



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