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You Made a Difference - November 2019

An associate practitioner who contributes greatly to keeping equipment up to date and safe and a trauma consultant who demonstrates empathy and compassion in challenging situations are the winners of November’s You Made a Difference awards.

Clare Hancock joined the point of care team in April 2017 as an associate practitioner. 

Her role involves working as part of a team to help provide a point of care testing lab service in the emergency department. 

Clare is a very keen and determined member of staff who is always willing to help and has contributed greatly in keeping the glucose meters across the ward areas maintained and repaired. 

Clare is about to start an IBMS certificate of achievement qualification which is aimed at the support worker role within pathology, to further her knowledge and skills. 

This is reflected in the winning nomination, extracts of which told us:

“Clare always goes out of her way to make sure things within the department and around the hospital are correct because in the long run this would affect patient care.”

“She will check all devices in the wards and replace anything that is out of date. She will stay late and work from home to input our external quality control data into the external database so that the machines such as glucose, INR, urine, gas meters are able to stay up and running.”

She is an all-round lovely person who gives everyone compliments and makes them feel good about themselves. She is always safe, kind, excellent and is forever motivating the people around her. She is an absolute pleasure to work with

Clare Hancock Daud Chou
Clare Hancock
Clare Hancock
Daud Chou
Daud Chou

Daud Chou joined CUH in August 2018 as a senior trauma fellow and is now also one of the major trauma centre consultants.

Daud studied medicine at University College London, followed by orthopaedics training in London deanery and a revision hip fellowship in Adelaide, Australia before joining CUH. 

He has written up to date, effective pathways that will be included in the TEMPO manual that can be utilised across the East of England trauma network.

This is reflected in the winning nomination, extracts of which told us:

“Since starting work at the Trust in August 2018, Mr Chou has consistently and tirelessly worked to disseminate his knowledge and experience across the speciality.”

From his passion for trauma management, both acutely and in the delivery of his service, it’s clearly evident that he strives for excellent patient care.

“The feedback from his teaching sessions has always been excellent and junior doctors have been audibly inspired when discussing working with him in operating theatres with their peers.”

“He has also taken the time to support various members of the multi-disciplinary OUT team in completing level 1 first surgical assistant course and securing a national training number in trauma and orthopaedics with sensitivity, understanding and sometimes a sense of humour!”

“He is very supportive and approachable. He makes an active effort to help develop surgeons, recognising different learning needs and adapting accordingly.”

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