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You Made a Difference team award - June 2023

The June You Made a Difference team award goes to a kind, accommodating and supportive team who went above and beyond to support a patient’s family – the Ward J2 team.

Staff from Ward J2
Ward J2

Ward J2 is a rehabilitation ward that provides care to patients with life changing injuries, normally following trauma. Patients usually have a longer length of stay on J2. This means the team often connect with patients and their relatives differently, staff get to know the patients and they get to know the team caring for them in return.

The J2 multidisciplinary team is an exemplary outstanding team. They are the epitome of team work.

The staff do their best on a daily basis to meet the needs of our patients, even in the most difficult circumstances. This recognition is absolutely deserved.

The team’s compassion is reflected in the winning nomination from a colleague, extracts of which told us:

“There was a patient on the unit who needed end of life care. The nursing and therapy staff on Ward J2 are used to supporting patients to go home, rather than supporting the patient, family members and each other to care for someone who is dying.

“The team quickly decided together that they would like to continue to care for this patient on the ward. They knew them and their family and felt they would be best placed to care for them.

They all delivered outstanding care, not only to the patient, but to the family.

“The staff on J2 went above and beyond on a daily basis to support the patient’s family through what was the most difficult time of their lives. The family commented daily on the amazing care and support they received from the whole team.

The J2 staff were kind, accommodating, supportive, caring, thoughtful and most importantly listened to the family’s questions and concerns around the end of life of care they were receiving.

They really deserve to be recognised for their outstanding care and kindness.”