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You Made a Difference - May 2023

A friendly, personable and humorous senior orthopaedics practitioner and a community midwife who has been instrumental in developing a new maternity service were the winners of our You Made a Difference awards in May.

Matthew Smith, senior orthopaedics practitioner
Mathew Smith, senior orthopaedics practitioner

Mathew Smith started at Addenbrooke’s in November 2016. Since joining CUH, Mathew has established himself as one of our senior practitioner’s within the plaster room. He happily attends any area of the hospital where a patient may need a cast applied or removed.

Mathew’s understanding of bracing has brought a new area into the Orthopaedic Department with us able to order and fit braces direct from the clinic.

Mathew’s confidence and relaxed manner puts patients and care givers at ease. He is an asset to the unit.

Matthew Smith with Roland and Lorraine
Mathew Smith receiving award from Roland and Lorraine

Extracts from Mathew’s nomination, which was submitted by a relative of a patient, said:

“My daughter is autistic and struggles with strangers. Mathew was incredible. He was so friendly, personable and humorous, he quickly put her at ease and she was more than happy to have her plaster done.

“Mathew allowed her time to choose a colour and he made her laugh the entire time he was plastering. It was so nice to see my daughter engage with him. We were lucky enough to have Mathew again to remove her cast and he was the same, lovely man on the second visit. He fully explained the noise of the machine to her and they giggled away once more.

Mathew was a joy to our family. He is an NHS hero.

Emilie Carey, midwife, ivy community team
Emilie Carey, midwife, ivy community team

Emilie started working with the Rosie community team in November 2021 and currently works in the Ivy Community Midwife team.

Her role entails supporting women with pregnancy care in the antenatal period, participation in an on-call rota to support the homebirth service and the main hospital if there is high demand, and postnatal home visits for mothers and babies.

Emilie is a proactive and extremely hard-working midwife.

She is a valuable team player and always goes above and beyond to support colleagues. Emilie is incredibly dedicated and aims to provide care to the highest standard at all times.

Recently, Emilie has undertaken her Newborn and Infant Physical Examinations (NIPE) course through Anglia Ruskin University, in order to perform advanced midwifery screening for newborn babies.

She has also been instrumental in developing the maternity service for our Refugee and Asylum Welcome Centre in Bar Hill.

Extracts from Emilie’s nomination, which was submitted by a colleague, said:

“The Ivy Community Team have recently had a new Refugee and Asylum Welcome Centre established within their local caseload.

Emilie has been instrumental in ensuring safe care for these mothers.

“She has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone’s needs are met; providing direct clinical care to the women and families, as well as establishing working relationships with the vast range of professionals needed to support their ongoing care needs through multidisciplinary team working.

“As her line manager and colleague, I am incredibly proud of Emilie's hard work.

She has been exceptionally proactive and motivated, and has proved instrumental to the delivery of compassionate midwifery care for these mothers.

Emilie Carey with colleagues
Emilie Carey with colleagues