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You Made a Difference - June to July 2020

A diligent midwifery sister who uses her initiative to make her patients feel at ease; a digital editor whose knowledge is second to none; a clinical bioinformatician who is an excellent manager who always has time for colleagues; and a completely selfless consultant anaesthetist who is described by colleagues as an ‘absolute icon’, are the winners of June to July’s You Made a Difference awards.

Emma Farrell – midwifery sister, delivery unit, Rosie Hospital

Emma Farrell, a midwife at The Rosie Hospital, joined CUH in July 2013.

She has been a delivery unit co-ordinator since August 2015. She has worked diligently on the unit managing all the band 7 annual leave and also the complaints for the area.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, patients and families who attend the hospital are unable to fully see the midwife caring for them due to PPE. Emma used her initiative to design a card with a picture of the midwife on that can be given to the family as a keepsake, with details from the birth written on the back.

A truly lovely memory for the women and their families to take home and a way of making women feel much more at ease with their care provider. Well done Emma!

Michael is sitting at his desk with the staff portal on the screen behind him. He is holding his You Made a Difference certificate
Michael Frost – digital editor, PR and communications

Michael Frost joined our Trust as digital editor in April 2019 and has been working ever since to improve our patients’ and staff digital experience.

His achievements have spanned introducing the Cambridge Children's website, launching the Covid staff portal (for which he was nominated) and more recently the new Trust website.

In less than two weeks Michael developed and launched the Covid staff portal, which provided essential information to staff at a time where the pace of policy change was rapid and evolving. His swift actions meant that staff had a trusted place to find the latest information about Covid. This was a turning point for the communications response and would not have been possible without him.

His ability to bring people along with the team and help them to understand the vision of what is possible, means we get to where we need to be quicker - his knowledge is second to none and we're privileged that he is part of our team.

Matthew is wearing a white lab coat and a surgical mask and is stood next to a genomics laboratory machine
Matthew Garner – clinical bioinformatician, genetics

Matt Garner has been part of the bioinformatics team in the CUH genomic laboratory hub for many years and was promoted last year to lead this team, his role being to ensure that everything works. In his nomination his team applaud his training of multiple trainees alongside all of his regular work, describing him as an “excellent manager”.

Matt somehow is able to understand and manage all four bioinformatics workstreams, works very hard to keep the service running smoothly, and is someone that everyone enjoys working with.

Matt has done an amazing job the past 6-8 months in leading our bioinformatics team within the genetics department. He also manages the training of multiple trainees alongside all of his regular work and is an excellent manager, who always has time to sit down and talk to plan work and ensure everything is going well. Without him the department would definitely have struggled with issues we have had, and he deserves recognition for everything he has done.

This combination of attributes makes Matt such a valuable person to have at CUH.

Fay is stood outside the main theatres door wearing a surgical mask
Dr Fay Gilder – consultant, anaesthetics

The anaesthetics department describes Fay Gilder as “an absolute icon in the team and the Trust”, having been a consultant transplant anaesthetist at Addenbrooke’s for almost 20 years.

Dr Gilder is completely selfless and absolutely dedicated to supporting our career progress. She regularly meets with members of the department in her spare time and gives lots of hours to provide coaching, interview practice, career guidance and support for quality improvement innovation projects. Many of the young consultants have been coached by Dr Gilder.

In addition to her clinical practice, she has been immensely active in quality improvement, innovation, and mentoring as she has served as the clinical director for improvement and transformation for the last two years.