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You Made A Difference team award - September 2018

The You Made a Difference team award for this quarter goes to all the staff on C7 for the culture of openness and honesty on the ward, reflected in the kindness and compassion demonstrated by the team.

The team are all standing and crouching down together smiling at the camera. The CEO is in the middle holding up a cake and smiling and looking at the camera.
The C7 team

Sarah Stevens, ward manager for C7, said: ‘As ward manager I feel immensely proud of what the team on C7 has achieved. I am stunned by the knowledge and skills exhibited by the team, they manage diabetics, nutritional challenges, post-operative patients, palliative patients, acute pain issues, emotional problems, patients with complex discharge and social needs.  All of this is done with a commitment to delivering excellent patient care whilst also maintaining a sense of humour and the ability to talk through their problems and concerns, in fact some of our Medirest colleagues have been with the ward for 20 years.’

‘We have developed a culture of openness and honesty on the ward which I believe is reflected in the kindness and compassion demonstrated by all members of the team. The nominations clearly demonstrate this and I feel that all members of the team should feel proud of this achievement. I value the open and trusting culture on the ward that enables us to always try and do the right thing for our patients and each other.’ 

The team received two winning nominations, including one from the daughter of a patient.

‘Following an emergency trip to ED my mother was deemed too poorly to be sent home and was admitted to ward C7 where she spent the next nine nights.’

‘Throughout her entire stay we saw nothing but the utmost kindness and compassion from every single member of the team. The care they showed did not stop at their patients, but was extended to me and my family also, with staff taking the time to ask if we were OK.

‘One Healthcare Support Worker saw me at a very low point and took the time to take me aside and let me have a little cry away from my mum. The doctor, who spent 45 minutes answering our questions never made us feel silly for asking them and took the time to explain everything fully so we understood. The nurses always took great care to see that mum was ok and never made her feel rushed, even though you could see they were short staffed.

Thank you to everyone on C7 for taking such good care of someone who is so precious to me and my family. You really did make a difference not just to my mum, but to her children, grandchildren and friends. Thank you.