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You Made a Difference - May 2019

A healthcare support worker who helps to keep the John Farman Intensive Care Unit running smoothly and a biomedical scientist who has helped many students further their training are the winners of May’s You Made a Difference awards.

Omid Karblaie Hosseini is wearing scrubs and smiling at the camera whilst holding a piece of medical equipment
Omid Karblaie Hosseini

Omid Karblaie Hosseini has been a member of the John Farman Intensive Care Unit (JVF ICU) team since March 2007.

Omid works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring all of the stock and equipment is ordered, serviced and available so that we can continue to look after our patients safely.

His team says “He is always helpful, reliable, very resourceful and good humoured. He says yes with a smile to every request, the bigger the challenge the wider he smiles. As a team we know we can depend on Omid to get the job done.”

This is reflected in his winning nomination, which read: “Omid is a stalwart member of our team. His positive impact is felt day in, day out on the JVF ICU. Omid is responsible for our stores and the general go-to person if you need anything doing. He welcomes every request with professionalism and a can-do attitude.

The tasks are then undertaken quickly and efficiently and he never seeks recognition or praise. Through his likeable personality he has built a good rapport with numerous departments around the hospital and this makes people want to do things for him.”

Rod Lynn is sat down in front of a microscope wearing lab protective clothing and is smiling at the camera
Rod Lynn

Rod Lynn joined the haematology department in 1982. He is a senior biomedical scientist and has been the lead trainer for haematology for 30 years. Rod has trained junior biomedical science staff including placement students, new staff and staff returning to practice and he is also a main morphology trainer for specialist registrars sitting the FRCPath exams.

Rod is a fountain of knowledge and such a dedicated member of staff, staying late to ensure malarias, urgent blood films and urgent testing and registration portfolios are kept up to date.

This is reflected in the nominations Rod received;

“Pathology plays an important role in management/diagnosis of patients. Rod has helped a lot of trainees with their portfolio. He is always available to help and teach. His expertise is exceptional and he is the oracle of the department.”

“Excellent training officer! Rod had to provide support for 9 (or more) registration portfolios and also two or three specialist portfolios in the blood science department. He had to manage time in a way that the workflow won't get affected by the portfolio meetings and also everyone can equally receive support and feedback. Rod has made a difference through the training and support that he has provided successfully under so much pressure.”

“Going out of his way to ensure registration biomedical scientists have their registration portfolio assessments, coming in from annual leave on their assessment days. Rod's willingness to go the extra mile has recently seen six or seven students through assessment in the last three months.”