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You Made a Difference - July 2019

A student health play specialist who goes above and beyond to provide fun filled activities for young patients and a senior sister who provides exceptional care and support for our elderly patients are the winners of July’s You Made a Difference awards.

Jade Allard is wearing a blue t-shirt smiling at the camera she is next to a slide who has a young patient sat on it also smiling at the camera.
Jade Allard, student health play specialist

Jade Allard joined CUH in May 2017, taking up the role of play team nursery nurse on Ward C2, providing play and recreation to children and support for families.

In September 2018, Jade moved into her current role as student health play specialist, based in the oncology paediatric day unit where she is continuing to support children and families on C2. As a student health play specialist, Jade is developing the knowledge and skills to enable her to deliver therapeutic play interventions once qualified. 

From day one, Jade has had a significant impact in the areas where she works. Her energy, sense of fun and cheeky mischievousness has brightened the days for children, young people, families and those she works with; where Jade is, there is laughter! 

Jade has just completed her first year at University, training as a play specialist - she has worked incredibly hard to achieve good marks.

Jade has the ability to not only see the child but the impact of everything around that child, environment, treatment, people and their hospital experiences, she is able to assess a situation quickly and uses this to plan and deliver an appropriate intervention for the child or family at that time. 

This is reflected in the two winning nominations; extracts of which told us: 

“Exceptional empathy and care shown to families, children and young people. Going above and beyond to provide fun filled activities and happy memories for oncology palliative patients.”

“In the last few months, Jade has organised an event outside of her working hours, coming in to support a special visit which gave parents positive memories and exciting experiences for these patients’ last few days. Proud that she is part of our team.”

Rosie Cawston is sitting on a chair laughing with a couple of older lady patients who are making a puzzle together.
Rosie Cawston, senior sister

Rosie Cawston has been in post as acting senior sister on Ward C6 since June 2018, having previously worked within the renal speciality on Ward C5 as a junior sister. 

Rosie has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the staff and patients, ensuring that the patients on C6 are given a high standard of individualised care. 

Rosie demonstrates the standards of care expected on the ward and works alongside her staff supporting and encouraging development.

Rosie is approachable, dynamic and always willing to learn and develop new skills. 

This is reflected in the seven winning nominations; extracts of which told us: 

“Since day one on the ward Rosie has been an excellent manager - being kind and supportive to staff, patients and relatives.”

“Rosie cares for and supports patients in whatever they may need, be it walking with them when they wander, listening to them when they’re confused and want to go home or sitting with them to do a puzzle.”

“The quality of work Rosie produces is outstanding and for the first time in a manager role she has performed extremely well.”

“Rosie encourages everyone to be the best they can be and leads by example. Rosie has been a kind, supportive manager from the day she joined us. She is approachable, enthusiastic and incredibly involved both on the ward and in her role as senior sister.”