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You Made a Difference - February 2019

A senior sister who manages the infusion service, helping inpatients transition to outpatient care, and a physician's assistant described as 'one of the most important members of the transplant unit,' are February's You Made a Difference award winners.

Anna Mayhew is stood next to a hospital bed standing next to a colleague as she supervises them caring for a patient.
Anna Mayhew

Anna Mayhew joined CUH in 2000 and has been a senior sister with the Trust for the past 15 years. In her current role on G2 Anna oversees the infusion service and the outpatient antibiotic therapy team (OPAT).        

She has managed the unit through several moves and they will shortly be moving again. Anna will be pivotal in ensuring this move goes smoothly.

Her role covers the care of a large number of patients, providing them with infusions and training. Anna helps to ensure that patients are comfortable with the infusion process, can be discharged sooner, and are able to continue their onward care as outpatients. Both her patients, as well as other staff members and students, are incredibly complimentary of her.

The winning nomination read: ‘Anna takes pride in her unit. She works hard to ensure her staff are well supported and providing the highest quality care to patients.’

‘Anna has shown such kindness to me as a bank nurse and has gone above and beyond to make myself and other bank nurses feel welcome on the ward. Her level of professionalism and commitment to patients and staff is noticeably high and is clearly demonstrated by how efficiently Ward G2 is run. Everyone on the ward knows their role and works together. It is a cohesive and extremely well led team and this is all down to the dedication and time put in by Anna. She also regularly reviews the team performance and welcomes the views of other staff members and patients. Anna is a great ambassador for both the Trust and indeed nursing.’

She is kind, conscientious and incredibly hard working. She is an example of the Trust’s values: Safe, Kind, Excellent.

Martin Fabb is smiling and caring for a patient. The patient is lying in a hospital bed speaking to Martin has he gives them an injection.
Martin Fabb

Martin Fabb joined the Trust in March 2002 as a physician’s assistant, a role which supports junior doctors by taking on some of the clinical skills, allowing them to focus on the patient’s care and treatment. Prior to joining the Trust he enjoyed a variety of roles including spending time as both a bricklayer and a taxi driver.

Martin soon established himself as a competent practitioner and settled on the transplant wards where he found his niche. His role is very clinical and involves taking blood, cannulation, arterial and venous blood gases and catheterisation.  Martin also covers the off-site dialysis clinic once a week

Martin received eight winning nominations, extracts of which read:

‘Martin is consistently one of the most important members of the Addenbrooke's Transplant Unit. He has an outstanding rapport with the patients, who will often ask for him by name to take their blood or do their cannula. He is a delight to work with personally.’

‘Martin is also very supportive of the junior doctors, pro-actively helping to identify what is needed and helping to make things happen as quickly as possible for the patients. He helps keep the team on G5 ticking over and he is missed on the days he is not there.’

‘He never turns his nose up at a task, and deals with some of the most challenging practical procedures in a very difficult and complex group of patients. He is an asset to the team, ensuring urgent pre-transplant bloods are collected and unstable patients are managed correctly and promptly.’

Martin is kind, always in good spirits, extremely helpful and exceptionally dedicated to his role. He is loved by patients as well as being excellent at his job. Martin is a pleasure to work with and always keen to carry out tasks, going beyond what is expected of him.