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The Rosie welcomes international midwives

Three midwives from Nigeria and Jamaica have joined The Rosie Hospital, the first arrivals in a new global recruitment campaign.

Bilikisu Aiyefu-Ahmed head and shoulders
Bilikisu Aiyefu-Ahmed

Bilikisu Aiyefu-Ahmed has worked as a midwife in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia for the last six years.

She said she wanted to come to CUH because of its international reputation and the opportunity to train and work in the NHS.

She found it hard to leave family and friends behind, but said she had received a warm welcome from and support from the Trust, which employs more than 11,000 people from 106 countries.

I joined CUH because the core value of this hospital is in line with mine. I wanted to work in a care setting where patients and relatives are put in the centre of care and we work collaboratively as a team to achieve this goal.

Bilikisu Aiyefu-Ahmed

She added:

“In the future, I would like to develop my career around midwifery and build my confidence with support from my colleagues and the practice development team.”

Deputy Head of Midwifery Claire Garratt said:

We are delighted to welcome these new members of staff to the CUH family and wish them long and happy careers with us.

Claire Garratt

“Nationally there is a shortage of midwives and here at CUH we are doing everything in our power to recruit the very best people from home and abroad.”

More international and local midwives are expected to join The Rosie in the coming months, boosted by a virtual recruitment event hosted by Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) on 5 March.

The campaign follows £1.5m investment into maternity staffing over the last two years.

Anyone interested in working at CUH can visit our recruitment pages.