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Neurosurgeon Hutch lands top research award

A Cambridge University Hospital’s expert has won an award often described as the “Nobel Prize of Neurosurgery”.

Professor Peter Hutchinson (right)receiving the medal from Professor Tor Ingebrigtsen
Pictured is Professor Peter Hutchinson (right) receiving the medal from Professor Tor Ingebrigtsen

Professor of Neurosurgery, Peter Hutchinson, received the Vilhelm Magnus Medal from the Norwegian Neurosurgical Association in Oslo, following delivery of the prestigious Vilhelm Magnus Lecture.

Professor Hutchinson and his team, from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Clinical Neurosciences based at Addenbrooke's, were singled out for work on traumatic brain injury, including a number of studies addressing the concept of “Rescuing the Injured Brain”

It is the latest in a long list of acclaimed work by Professor Hutchinson, who is also Director of the National Institute of Health and Care Research Global Health Research Group on Acquired Brain and Spine Injury, and the National Institute of Health and Care Research Brain Injury Medtech Co-operative.

Professor Hutchinson, known as ‘Hutch’, said:

I am deeply honoured to receive such a coveted award, which I was pleased to accept on behalf of the team in Cambridge and our colleagues in the Society of British Neurological Surgeons and internationally who work to improve the treatment and prognosis of patients with brain injury.

Professor Peter "Hutch" Hutchinson

Vilhelm Magnus (1871–1929), was born in the United States in Fillmore County, Minnesota, and became Norway's pioneering neurosurgeon.

He single-handedly established the special field of neurological surgery in Norway and was a brilliant surgeon with a broad intellectual mind. He published his first scientific paper in 1899 and his total contribution to the literature amounted to 70 papers.