eHospital – a year old today!

26 October 2015
October 26th marks the first anniversary of eHospital going live. eHospital is essentially our new electronic patient record system used by the members of the clinical team looking after you.

A year on, eHospital is helping to transform the way we care for you as we now have all the information we need about you to hand and in one place. The easiest way to think about it is that GPs, supermarkets, banks and other major institutions use modern electronic systems which allow you to access what you need, and now Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie are no different. Our clinicians can access the information they need about a patient wherever they happen to be in the hospital.

If you have been a patient, or visited Addenbrooke’s or The Rosie, over the past year you may have noticed our clinicians using hand-held devices and computers on wheels to record care at the bedside. These devices have been introduced as part of eHospital to enable us to document care into our new electronic patient record system in real time.

We’d like to mark this first anniversary by thanking you for your patience and support over the past year, particularly when the new system was being introduced last year.

Improving patient care and experience

A year in and we’re really starting to see the benefits the system is bringing to our patients.

  • Our new virtual fracture clinic has freed up 4,500 clinic appointments in the hospital to help manage demand and improve patient experience. Previously patients would come to A&E with a suspected fracture and be given a temporary plaster cast following an x-ray. They would then be sent home and an appointment made for them to attend the hospital’s fracture clinic so that treatment can be discussed. All patients who now attend A&E with a fracture are assessed and contacted within 72 hours to discuss treatment after their case history and x-rays have been studied virtually using our new electronic patient record by the trauma nurse and consultant. This service is better for our patients as it saves them time and expenses, and provides them with faster access to treatment.
  • Using handheld devices at the bedside to record observations (blood pressure, temperature, heart rate) in real-time. This means that our nursing staff have more time to spend with their patients as they don’t have to locate and write in paper notes, and the rest of the clinical team have instant access to the latest information about a patient.
  • Reducing the time it takes to prepare discharge medications as our new electronic patient record ‘talks’ directly to our pharmacy robot when a doctor requests medications, meaning our patients get to go home as soon as they are medically ready to leave.

What our staff say about eHospital

  • We have more time to talk to you and more time to care for you.
  • The entire team looking after you all have access to up-to-date information about you.
  • Your test results are delivered back to your medical team without delay.
  • With all information about you now in one place we can make quicker, more informed decisions to speed up your treatment.
  • You don’t need to tell us twice, three times or four times as the information we need is in your electronic record.
  • Your care is recorded in a single secure record so everything we need is at our fingertips.
  • No more delays waiting for your paper notes to turn-up.
  • Improved safety with instant drug and allergy alerts.

What the future holds

As well as further enhancing and developing the system and technology we now have, there are some other exciting developments in the pipeline - notably My Chart. My Chart, once implemented, will allow you to securely access your medical information online and book hospital appointments in a way which is much more convenient for you than at present. It will allow you to be much more involved in your care.

Safety remains our highest priority

Even though we now use an electronic patient record system to record your medical information, our priority to our patients remain the same - to provide safe, kind and excellent care.

If you have any questions about the care you receive please speak to a member of staff looking after you.