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Cambridge patients’ relief as vaccine rolled out

Patients who attended Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust to be vaccinated against Covid-19 have today (Wednesday 9 Dec) spoken of their relief at getting the jab.

Stuart Darling
Stuart Darling

Among them was 81-year-old company director, Stuart Darling, who lives with his wife Gill in Cambridge. He said: “I was delighted to get the appointment because I have multiple medical conditions and am extremely vulnerable – if I get Covid my chances aren’t good. I did not have any doubts at all about having it, because on balance I’m going to be safer. I’m also convinced it has been well tested.

My wife and I have been at home since March and have literally done nothing except walk a mile a day and attend medical appointments. Now we’re looking forward to being a bit more adventurous!

Stuart Darling
Sir Keith Peters
Sir Keith Peters

Former head of the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Sir Keith Peters, 82, said:

I was overjoyed when I got the news because I have been under ‘house arrest’ since March, and now I see the prospect of getting out and about.

Sir Keith Peters

“This vaccine is very safe and I feel privileged to live in Cambridge near a world-class medical facility which has put in place a well-organised vaccination programme at very short notice,” added the retired physician who has a special interest in immunology.

David and Patricia Dunn
David and Patricia Dunn

Retired Cambridge carpenter, David Dunn, 80, said: “I got a text from my surgery and was very pleased because I have various medical conditions and waiting has been stressful. The first time I had to isolate was okay, but this time the weather won’t let me out much.

I know it won’t be for a little while, but I am looking forward to giving my grandchildren and great-grandchildren a hug,” added Mr Dunn, who arrived with wife Patricia.

David Dunn
The Rev Hugh Robinson and wife Judith
The Reverend Hugh Robinson and wife Judith

The Rev Hugh Robinson, 85, and his wife Judith, 84 from the Kite area of Cambridge had good reason to be pleased to get appointments. Rev Robinson explained:

We were delighted to get the news because we both have pacemakers and are potentially vulnerable.

The Reverend Hugh Robinson

“It will make a fantastic difference. We’ve been locked down and not doing much since March,” added Mrs Robinson, a retired nurse, midwife and health visitor who has been married 63 years. “I’m looking forward to doing a bit of shopping!”

“We have given John Lewis due warning,” quipped her husband.