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Cambridge IVF offers fertility support to more families

Our leading fertility clinic has expanded to offer services to more patients.

Cambridge IVF, which is part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), has been selected by the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire and West Essex as one of five providers of IVF services for their patients.

Under this new contract clinically eligible patients registered with a GP in the East and North Hertfordshire, Herts Valleys and West Essex CCG areas will be entitled to one cycle of IVF and if that is unsuccessful they will be entitled to one frozen embryo transfer.

Cambridge IVF combines experienced clinicians, nurses and scientists with the latest novel techniques and systems to increase the chances of treatment ending in a successful pregnancy for everyone.

Using a special incubator called an EmbryoScope, the Embryologists at Cambridge IVF are able to monitor embryo development via time lapse videography which takes an image of each embryo every 10 minutes without needing to remove them from the incubator.

The team also use a special substance called EmbryoGlue during embryo transfer coupled with 3D diagnostic scanning to monitor follicular development and further optimise the embryo transfer process.

Stephen Harbottle in lab coat
Stephen Harbottle

Consultant embryologist, Stephen Harbottle, said:

It is absolutely essential that we maximise the odds of that treatment being successful. By providing direct access to world leading technology to all of our patients we are doing everything we can to help them complete their journey to parenthood.

Consultant embryologist, Stephen Harbottle

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