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Best inventions of 2022: Hologram patients

Medical training developed at Addenbrooke's using hologram patients has been included in Time Magazine's 200 Best Inventions of 2022.

Hologram patient
Junior doctor Aniket Bharadwaj with trainers Dr Ruby Woodard and Dr Jonny Martin, diagnosing a hologram patient.

HoloScenarios has been created in partnership with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), the University of Cambridge and Los Angeles based tech company GigXR.

It has been recognised in the medical care category and is one of 200 ground-breaking inventions that, according to Time Magazine, “are making the world better, smarter, and even a bit more fun.”

Watch: Junior doctor Aniket Bharadwaj treating a hologram patient

Watch: Junior doctor Aniket Bharadwaj treating a hologram patient


The technology enables world-class teaching and learning through life-like holographic patient scenarios, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Learners - whether in the same room or in disparate locations - wearing Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headsets or accessing via an iOS or Android mobile device, are able to see each other in real life, while also interacting with a multi-layered, medically accurate holographic patient.

This creates a unique environment to learn and practice vital, real-time decision making and treatment choices.

Through the same type of headset, medical instructors are able to change patient responses, introduce complications and record observations and discussions, whether in person in a teaching group or remotely to multiple locations worldwide, via the internet.

Hologram patient development team
The team behind HoloScenarios. From left to right: David King Lasser, Dr Arun Gupta, Prof Riikka Hofmann, Dr Ruby Woodward and Dr Jonny Martin

CUH consultant in neurosciences and trauma intensive care and anesthesiology, Dr Arun Gupta, is leading the project in Cambridge. He said:

“Simulation is a vital component of medical education, and it is one where advancements in technology can democratise top-tier training for learners around the globe.

“GigXR has served as more than just technology partners in co-creating HoloScenarios, they have pioneered the innovation and infrastructure that has allowed us to transform some of the most complex and traditional teaching modalities into hyper-realistic, interactive training scenarios."

Together, we’re driving the future of medical education, with a shared vision to make high-quality learning accessible on a global scale. We couldn’t be more honoured to share TIME’S 2022 Best Inventions Award with the team and technologists at GigXR.

Dr Arun Gupta

GigXR founder David King Lassman, added:

“GigXR was founded to empower institutions with cutting-edge technology to enhance their curricula, and deepen students’ understanding and preparedness in all healthcare disciplines and stages of education."

Partnering with the world-renowned medical experts at the University of Cambridge and CUH, has been a tremendous honour. Together, driving medical training into the future with TIME’s recognition reinforcing the potential mixed-reality training has to improve care for all patients.

David King Lassman

As a commercial venture with GigXR, the technology is available for license to other institutions and medical training schools.

If successful, some of the revenue from sales will then go back into the NHS.

For more information on the Gig Immersive Learning Platform, visit

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